I got a new way….to squat!

Monday we learned a new way to squat.  And man, it was different…and hard.
Our box owners went to a mobility seminar put on by an apprentice of Kelly Starrett (of Mobility WOD) on Sunday, so they had new “fun” things to teach us.

We did our normal warm up, and then spent 20 minutes correcting our squat.  If you know anything about most people’s squats they’re not very mobile in the ankles, and or the hips.  I suffer from both, so my depth is really poor.

squat imagesZ49TR4AJ

We started with tightening our core, stacking our rib-cage, and tucking our butt under (so there isn’t the curvature in the spine).  A straight line is better for squatting.  A slight bend forward, keeping the head and spine neutral…and then allowing the knees to (torque) go outward and keep the chest up through the squat.  THIS WAS SOOOO HARD.  Especially when you’re keeping your core tight, and your butt tucked the whole time.  Note: we did this for 20minutes, added a 35# bar, and continued to practice…I had sweat dripping down my back…yep…in the warm up.  I was happy once that was over.  But, we need to practice this at home.

Monday 2/24/14 WOD

7 min AMRAP

10 Deadlifts (225/155#)

20 Hands over head Squats

30 Jumping lunge (15 each leg)

My score: 2 rounds +17 Rx

We were instructed to do the squats with good form as we were just taught earlier, versus going for speed.  This was a leg burner.  I wasn’t too sad about my score, especially seeing no one got much more than that.  But those jumping lunges are NOT FUN…I wanted to keep going, but my legs felt like jello.  That 7 minutes went fast!

These are the last few days of our Paleo/Zone challenge—so we’ll see how the results pan out.  I have to admit, this past weekend was pretty bad in the sense of indulging.  We had Chris’ fire department Christmas party on Saturday night (which we considered our “cheat meal” for the week).  So, there was broasted chicken, pork, (fake) mashed potatoes, a dinner roll, a salad with regular French dressing, and red wine…oh yeah, and a piece of no-bake cheesecake with cherry topping (from a can).  All things NOT PALEO/ZONE.  I was so stuffed afterwards…in a not-so-good way.

Sunday started off well with breakfast and church, and then we went to a brat-fry/fund raiser for a (different) fire department, I had a steak sandwich, and we drank  Miller Lite, and then proceeded to have hot wings later that night.  THIS WAS NOT A GOOD WEEKEND TO END THE CHALLENGE.  But, such is life.  We’ve been so good up until this point.

Monday was a new day…and we’re back on track!  Thursday is the last day of the challenge…so we’ll take pictures and measurements, and see how we did.  I know I’ve had visual improvements, but I have no idea if I’ve lost inches at all.  Chris said my butt looks like it’s gotten smaller, and higher, and it has less jiggle.  Lol, I’ll take that.


4 thoughts on “I got a new way….to squat!

  1. Ah yes, this is the type of squat I wrote about a while ago as being told I need to work on. SO HARD. I have had to mobilize and practice for like 20 minutes a day to try to get the mobility to keep my chest up, knees out and torqueable. oof

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