About Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel…an active 30-something from the cheese state……..Wisconsin.

I’m an interior designer by day– lover of all things active by night.

I have recently (since 2011) started lifting weights, and really gotten into working out, running, HIIT, Tabata…etc.   Pretty much anything that can get my heart pumping, I’m always willing to face a challenge!

I love sports, (grew up with 3 brothers, so I had to)!  I play slow-pitch softball in the summer months, indoor volleyball in the winter months…and that keeps me busy all year-long!

I enjoy running with my 8-year old Springer Spaniel, Marley.   My boyfriend hasn’t quite gotten into running like I have, but we do like biking together, taking Marley on long walks, and occasionally I can even get him to workout with me.

I love this busy, active life…I’m happy!


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