Monday funday?

Mondays are my day off… YEAH!
It was snowing when I woke up…BOO!
My dog has a stomach thing…and he had left “presents” all over our floors…DOUBLE BOO!  Luckily we have hardwood floors, and he mostly kept it on the hardwood.

Chris and I ate a delicious breakfast of our favorite…sweet potato hash with eggs over-easy, and sliced avocado.  YEAH!

It’s April 14th, and its 32° in Wisconsin…BOO!  But, I have a rule never to miss a Monday.  CrossFit at 11am is always a small class: 4 people but we had a great time regardless.  The strength portion of the workout was EMOM for 7minutes C&J @ 70% of 1RM. (Mine was 90#).  It went well, I felt strong and like I had good balance in my jerk.
Then the WOD- 2 Rounds
50 air squats
25 kb swings
50 kb Deadlifts
Rx was 55# (for women)

I don’t think I have done 55# kb swings in a WOD, do I grabbed both a 55# & a 45#kb. Just in case.

This was way harder than I expected (but aren’t they all)..and I know I was behind the rest of the class, but I wanted to pace myself…I finished in 10:21Rx! 

Whew!!! Talk about a lower back and leg burner!  I am so glad I stuck with the 55# because once the adrenaline kicked in, I was in the zone!  It was not perfect, but I knew that my body would do it even after my head said “nope, I’m done!”

I did it, I want to continue to work hard and push myself, because you never know who you’re inspiring…even if it’s yourself!

Every day might not be ALL ‘YEAH’ but there’s always some ‘YEAH’ in every day!



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