Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Recap


Recap time!  I’m sorry, I have a hard time keeping up daily with blog posts, please forgive me!  So here’s a bunch of CrossFit stuff for y’all!

Monday 11am class: I was super excited to see included DEADLIFTS in the strength portion, I feel like I miss a lot of the deadlift days.  Today was a deficit deadlift; standing on 45# plates  (5×5).  I started out light, to warm up…and moved up to 225#.  I was very happy about that…felt good, and felt strong.

Monday (2/17/14)WOD:

4 Rounds

20 WB (20/15)

15 burpees (as fast as possible. No rest)

Rest 1min between rounds

My score: 9:58 Rx

Ohhh, wall balls & burpees, my two favorite things (not).  The rest was very nice, but going (literally) balls-to-the-walls for each round was a lung burner…and leg, and arm burner.  Chris and I did this one together, and I snuck ahead of him the last round.  We weren’t really racing (yeah, right)!  Haha! BOOM!  Beat ya!

TUESDAY 5:00pm class.  Strength: C&J from position 2.  Work your way up to a heavy 3RM.  110# was where I felt like it was my max.  I felt much better about that weight…from position 2.  120# has been my 1RM for my C&J (from the ground), so I think I’ll have a new PR soon!  YEAH!

TUES (2/18/14) WOD:

10min AMRAP


10 T2B

10 C& PUSH Jerk (125/85)

My Score: 2 + 43 Rx

This suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!  After the double unders and T2B my forearms were smoked.  I felt like I could barely grip the barbell.  Ugh.  And, I kept getting caught up in the rope, it was just not my day.  I still felt like I got a great workout…but WOW!  I just wanted to fall over after that one.

(today)WEDNESDAY 5:30am class. I think I’m starting to like the 5:30am class.  I don’t know that I’d want to do it ALLLLL the time…but it’s a good change.   Strength:15 minutes Back Squat 3×5 @ 70% 1RM.  My 1RM back squat is 225#, so 70% of that is 157.5#  oops…I went up to 165#.  I just realized that now.  I hardly do math in my head normally, and then to ask me to do it at 5:30am….nope, not happening.

Wed (2/19/14) WOD:


Front Squat (115/75)

S2OH (115/75)

My score: 9:41 Rx

This was okay until about the 7’s…I did all push jerks for my S2OH (shoulders to overhead).  I thought about doing split jerks, but I figured that would take more time.  SO, yeah, this was a good one.  I enjoyed it actually…but for some reason my feet hurt afterward.  The Nano’s don’t seem to have much support, I wonder if it’s okay to put inserts into them…if it affects the lifting performance at all…anyone know???

IT’S A HAPPY WEEK SO FAR!!!  We also have 10 days left of this Paleo/Zone challenge.  AND I can honestly say, I’m ready for it to be over.  I will continue to eat paleo…but in my opinon: zone is for the birds!  I am not one to count, or measure everything…and I know that I was successful when I followed paleo, so I will use what I learned, and what (we) cooked, and continue on with that…just not as strict on the measuring blocks and what-not.

I’ll be interested to see my before and after pics and take measurements!  STAY TUNED….and stay classy!
(It’s a balmy 43 degrees here in Wisconsin…snow is melting, sun is shining…people are HAPPY!  And all is well in the world!



3 thoughts on “Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Recap

    • Zone is kind of easier to figure out measurement-wise, but it allows so much more than paleo. (Cheese, alcohol, breads)…

      I’d rather find things that I like to eat, and not have to measure them. But I also think BLOCK-STYLE eating gets me more in-tune with how much food my body requires to move BIG WEIGHTS.

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