Tracking your workouts: MYWOD app

I’ve been doing Crossfit for approximately 11 months.  And after my first sip of “the kool-aid” I was hooked (clearly).

I decided it was a good idea to track my workouts.  I am fine with writing things down, but I found out about a cool little app called mywod.  So, I paid the (one time) $1.99 for it, and I was good to go.

Fast-forward 11 months to now.  I have lots hard work tracked in that app.  I am happy with all the apps I’ve tracked, and info I’ve gathered.  HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

Then, my phone decides that it is “running low on storage space”  because (#1) it’s a piece of crap and probably should be replaced soon, and (#2) I have too many apps, pictures, text logs, call logs…or what-have-you.  Super irritating.  So, I ask my techy brother what he’d suggest doing, and he said to try and choose to store apps on my external hard drive.  My phone does not have this option.  Grrr, so he tells me to “clear the cache” on some of the apps.  So, I go down the list and clear the data.  Finally, the little alert for the storage icon goes away!  YEAH!

Then, Monday, I go to enter in Monday’s WOD, and as I go into the app, there’s NOTHING…no name, no info, no WODS….everything is gone.  AHHHHH!  11months of WODs—gone!  I start to panic.

Did I do a back up at any point?  Nope! Did I know that I was supposed to do a backup….sure, back when I downloaded the app, I think someone mentioned dropbox or something.  I did not do a back up.

I’m soooo frustrated.  At least I can go back on our Crossfit box’s web-page and re-enter everything…but do you know how long that’s going to take???

Oh, a looooong time.  But, I will do it, because I should.

I do not like this sinking feeling; like I’ve lost my ‘final thesis’ for college or something.  It sucks!

The moral of this story kids: Back your sh*t up!  Use drop-box, do it often….please listen to me.  Stop reading this right now.  (Seriously….I’LL WAIT)!  Did you back it up?  Good.  You are better than I.

Back, back….back it up!

Cheers (and tears)!


4 thoughts on “Tracking your workouts: MYWOD app

  1. I did something to myWOD and it erased 7 months of all my hard work! Thank goodness I always doubled up my records on, but I hate not to have it on my phone!

  2. How do you back up myWod to Dropbox? I had no idea that was even possible! I’ve got a years worth of WODs on there and I would hate to lose them.

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