Tuesday May 27th marked ONE year of Crossfit for me!

I remember my 1st WOD…but had no clue what I was doing.  I remember not knowing what bar muscle ups were…and when I wrote my score…I totally wrote it incorrectly…lol.

WOW!  I want to write so many things about my year of being “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” but mostly what comes to mind is that I’m just so thankful that I have had such great coaches, such a great crossfit community and family and I’m just really proud to say that I’m a Crossfitter.

On Monday we did MURPH (1mile run/100 pullups/200 push-ups/300air squats/1 mile run)…and after much contemplation and talking about it, I decided to go the partner route (rather than solo).  Travis looked at me one day and said “Will you be my Murph partner?”  I said “I was going to ask you the same thing.


It was brutal (as I expected)…but knowing the true meaning behind this WOD, I just kept telling him (and myself) to keep moving…don’t stop!  We finished in 38:16!  One of my best friends Louie did it SOLO…he’s only been CF’ing since October.  I’m so proud of him!  He was the last to finish, and I ran with him on the finishing (first) 1/2 mile run, and Travis ran with him the 2nd half.



It was amazing!  We also had a party to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our box afterwards, and it was good to eat food and drink some beer with box-mates…and just sit outside and enjoy the weather.

The day after Murph (TUESDAY) was a pretty rough one, and this is where I start to think our owner is sadistic: The WOD was Helen 3 rounds: 400m run, 21kb swings, 12 pullups!  UGH!  More running and more pullups!  My hands were seriously cashed.  I could barely hang onto the bar (fatigue)…and it was so hot outside that I was sweating like a pig and my hands were slippery (our box doesn’t use chalk).    I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A BIG ‘OL COMPLAINER RIGHT NOW.

I literally did pull-ups ONE-BY-ONE.  But I finished.  It wasn’t pretty either.

This week has been a DOMS week (Delayed onset muscle soreness)…since Murph and Helen.  I took off Wednesday and Thursday.  This morning was a little bit more of a “easy” WOD.  But we all need those every once and a while…RIGHT?


How long have you been Crossfitting? 

Do you feel like you’re at where you’d like to be in your time in CF…or not? 

How often do you CF per week?