Closer than I was yesterday….HSPU’s

Before yesterday, the number of times that I did (real) hand-stand push ups in a WOD was a big fat ZERO.  I had done them from a box.

Hand-stand push ups are on my GOALS list for 2014.  But, I knew eventually they would creep in (probably before I was ready for them).  Well, ready or not here they come.

But first, we squat.

Strength:  4 sets of 2 front squats & 4 back squats @ 95% of 1RM front squat.   (My 1RM front squat is 190#). I started at 185#, and went down to 155# because I was losing my form on the front squats.  I was also feeling a little like the tank was on EMPTY.  I really felt like I didn’t have enough to eat before the workout.  But, the show must go on.

Wednesday January 29th:

9 HSPU (2 ab mats and a 10# plate)

9 push press (115/75#)

20 lateral box jumps (24/20)


6 push press (115/75)

20 lateral box jumps


9 push press (115/75)

My Score: 5:18

That was fun…okay, not really.  But, I enjoyed doing the handstand push ups in a WOD.  I’ve practiced them like 1x a month ago.  Although I probably only had to go down like 2″ to touch my head on the mat…it was still better than any other time-using the box.  The first set of 9 I did unbroken, then the next set of 6, I had to do 4, rest and then 2.  The last set I had to come out of the handstand completely once, but broke that one into 6 & 3.

My push press felt really strong, but those lateral box jumps.  What a silly movement.  When I looked at the video the night before, I was like…oh no…I’m totally gonna be the one to biff it on this one.  And if you catch the edge of your shoe or something, you’d be toast!   BUT, I didn’t biff, I did them all…with minimal rest.  WINNING! (did I just say winning)?


I kinda want this shirt

Can you do handstand push ups??? 

What is the one move you’d like to learn but haven’t mastered yet?