Fundraiser/Competition RESULTS ARE IN!

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We had our fundraiser/competition on Saturday February 8th to raise money for Kevin Ogar .  We raised over $1,000 and the turn out was great!  My Mom even showed up to watch!We had two women’s heats, and one men’s heat.

Since there were more women than men, and the women were split up in a Rx division and a scaled division.

I was in the first heat, we each were assigned a judge, and we got started promptly at 10:00am.  The energy was incredible…everyone set up and we were on our way!

The WOD was: (4 rounds) 7C&J (85#), 5 pull-ups(rest 1min) and 50 box jumps.

I finished in 9:45!  My  clean and jerks were split jerks and I felt really strong with them, and I went unbroken in my pull-ups until the last round.   The hardest part was the 1 minute of rest between the pull-ups and box jumps.

It was awesome!

The 2nd heat of women started, and the other 2 girls who were in the Rx division were working hard.  I watched as the girls worked hard and cheered each one on as much as I could…Rx and scaled.  My girl Cory was not confident that she could do the Rx weight going into the comp…but I convinced her that she could do it, and she did.  So proud of her!!!

Here’s the crappy part…our local newspaper showed up, but not until AFTER the women were done.  Our box owner told her multiple times in the week prior that the competition started PROMPTLY at 10:00am.  Grrrr.  But here’s the video (of the guys).  It was great that we were able to have the newspaper there.  Just would’ve been cool to see some women doing these lifts, and pull-ups…whatever.

So the results were in….I got 1st place!!!!!!!!!!!!!  By just under a minute.

ogar 1508016_10203367108127048_125172147_n

Coach Brittney, myself, Jamie

I even thought after I was done and watching our coach (Brittney) compete, I could’ve done a push jerk instead of a split jerk, and I would’ve probably gotten an even faster time.  Oh well.

It was a blast.  Being that it was my first competition, I loved it.  I’d love to do more.

Ultimately, I’m so glad we raised as much money as we did in such a small amount of time, and for such a great cause.

Thanks for all of your support and cheers from blog-land!  It means a lot!  You guys rock!



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