Week #2: Mid week check-in: paleo/zone challenge

Hello friends…it’s Friday January 6th, and it’s the end of week #2 of the Paleo/Zone challenge our box is doing.

Now, let me tell you my team consists of 5 awesome girls…one who I met Wednesday night for the first time.  After week #1, we are in 1st place!  I’m really proud of us.

Things that I’ve noticed: I feel tighter…especially in my core.  I’m seeing some muscles that I didn’t see before.  I had really good energy up until Wednesday.  I went to bed at 9:15pm both Wednesday night and Thursday and slept until 6:30am.  It was GLORIOUS.  Thursday morning I was still groggy after waking up…today (Friday) I feel really good, and awake.  I also started to take a fish oil supplement at the end of last week, and I’m hoping that yields positive results (I have some psoriasis, and I’ve heard this can help a lot).  Side note: if you have problems with burping up the fishy taste of the fish oil pills…take them right before bed.  You will thank me!  Why have I never thought of this?

Chris and I are getting better at putting our lunches together the night before…which is a HUGE help.  He works as a paramedic, so he works 24 hour shifts every other day- and then gets 4 days off.  This week Monday-Thursday was his 4 days off….so he spend them prepping, measuring and making food for us (besides cleaning the house).  I’m so lucky, and blessed that he does this.  I know it…I thank him every day because without him, we’d be eating some pretty bland boring food.  I’m in research and development, a.k.a. find the recipes, and he’s in production…lol.  We’ve had awesome things such as Honey Chipotle Glazed meatballs, deep dish breakfast pizza, pesto shrimp with sautéed veggies, marinated steak, and others.

My lifts at CF are feeling good, but not great.  I had a PR on my C&J last week, but nothing this week.  Times are good, and energy during the WOD feels great…but I somewhat feel like my body is getting used to this new way of eating, since it’s a bit more measured and portioned than it used to be when I was just following paleo/primal.  I do feel like I could use more protein/fat.  I might jump up to 15 blocks this week . (3-4block meals and 3-1block snacks).

Our fundraiser/competition is tomorrow (EEK)!  This is my FIRST competition (and I’m glad it’s IN-HOUSE).  It’s to raise money for fellow Crossfit box owner and athlete: Kevin Ogar’s medical expenses, and hopefully we will raise at least $500!  (If you’d like to donate, please do so through this website:http://kevinogar.com/).

I’ve been imagining this competition in my head for the last week, dreaming about it…and just thinking it over…and every time I get a tingly sensation that runs through my body into my fingers, down to my toes.  So I’m ready, and excited…but nervous too! Whether or not I win, or even place….the fact is: it’s for a great cause!

We have an Rx division and a scaled division…I will be doing the Rx.  I can’t wait to cheer on my fellow box-mates, see some awesome things happen, and just be there for this great event.  It’s going to be great!

I’ll report back with results, and hopefully pictures.




5 thoughts on “Week #2: Mid week check-in: paleo/zone challenge

  1. Good luck at your competition. I’m doing my first comp next Thursday…a partner comp that a coach at a friends gym convinced me to do. I’m nervous…but mostly excited to see how I do. I’m sure it will be fun.

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