1st CF Competition…this Saturday!

Hi friends!  I haven’t mentioned that this Saturday our CF box is doing a competition/fundraiser to raise money for Kevin Ogar who suffered a traumatic injuring during a failed snatch attempt at the OC Throwdown.

At this time he has no movement from the waist down.  Like most CrossFit Trainers/Box Owners Kevin does not have medical insurance.  CrossFit as a community is raising money to help him with his medical costs.

10 C&J (RX125/85) (Modified 95/65)
5 Pull-Ups (Modified Jumping Pull-Ups -no bands)
then rest 2:00mins
50 Box Jumps (RX24/20) (Modified-whatever height you are comfortable with)


So I’m super excited, and nervous.  I’m planning on the Rx division since I can now do pullups (unassisted).  I invited a few friends and some family members to come watch, but since it’s my first competition, I’m a little leery to invite too many people.

🙂  I hope it goes as well as it should….and we raise lots of money for Kevin Ogar!



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