My boyfriend was checking me out!

After a crazy busy weekend of visiting friends, a 7-year-old birthday party, and bartending…I was happy when Monday rolled around, because that meant A DAY OFF! 

Chris were finally off work TOGETHER…and we got to eat breakfast, discuss the week, go to crossfit together, we could take Marley for a walk…all the wonderful things for a DAY OFF!  I made us a yummy breakfast of eggs, (uncured nitrate -free) bacon and sweet potato hash, and coffee.  Then we got ready for CF.

Monday’s WOD

Strength: Squat Cleans 3×7   

7@ 65#

7@ 85#

7@ 90#

40 Clean and Jerks for time (115/75)

My time: 6:33 Rx

I felt like I could’ve gone heavier on this…but Coach told me that it was meant to be more for SPEED. 

Here’s the funny part…mid-way through the squat clean portion, Coach was walking around and I heard her say something to Chris about “admiring” or something…and I didn’t really catch all of it.  Then today she messaged me on FB and let me know that he was watching me “squatting.”  lol.

I actually blushed when I read that…she’s like “I think he was watching you more than actually doing the WOD!” 

Awe!  When you’ve been together for almost 4 years, you just don’t expect to hear things like that.  I still got it.  BAM!

I won’t tell him that I know he was checking me out…but next time I’ll try to be LESS distracting!

He told me that he can see the changes in my body too from my neck, arms and waist (which is exciting to hear from someone who sees me everyday). 

I have about 3 weeks left of this Primal Challenge, and the results so far have been awesome!  I did step on the scale this morning just to peek, and I’ve lost a little over 8lbs.  WHOAH!  I don’t really care if I lose ANY MORE…I really wouldn’t care either way–I just know that I want to be sure that I’m eating enough for the WODs.   



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