I’m feeling crafty!

…I’ve gotten bitten by the Pinterest bug.  SERIOUSLY.

I think I have “pinned” over 100 crafty projects…that I’d like to do (someday).

To prove this…the ‘board’ that I have these things pinned to is called: “If I was crafty, I’d make this.”

However, I’m the girl who will walk into Hobby Lobby, buy a bunch of stuff, get home….and then NEVER actually complete the project.  Usually it doesn’t even make it out of the bag.  I know….horrible.

I have really good intentions.

For example this sunburst mirror thingyYEAH!  I can totally make that!!!  Do you think I ever will???  Probably not.  But it’s the thought that counts.

And then I see something like this:mailing station

Would I ever spend lots of money on this???? No….do I think I could possibly re-create this????  YES!  I don’t even know how to use a circular saw, let alone what I would need to do to start this project.  But alas, I think I could…someday.  Maybe I’ll ask Chris.  He’s WAY more handy than I am!!!

So, here we are, Memorial Day weekend.  I have crafty things on the brain.

If I actually do something crafty—I will be sure to take a picture, and post it here!

Happy Memorial day to you!


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